Project 10/60 Capitol Campaign


November 1, 2017 ~ December 30, 2017

What is it?

Project 10/60 is the Official Capitol Campaign for ED’mund C. Brown Ministries. It is the goal of this project to raise ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00 USD) within a sixty (60) day time frame.

The Purpose

The purpose of Project 10/60 is to increase capitol for the ministry as a means to have the necessary base funding to secure property needed to effectively operate all branches of Edmund C. Brown Ministries. It is the vision of Apostle ED'mund that where ever an affiliate of ED'mund C. Brown Ministries is located there is also an educational division established to train, cultivate and nurture those who have a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

These branches include:

 The Blanche Wallace-Brown Bible College/Institute of Ministerial Studies

 The Devotions Fellowship Kingdom Academy

The DFWC Employment Placement Agency

Target H.O.P.E. (Helping Others by Providing Essentials)

The Commitment

In a means to bring this project to fruition, the administrative staff here at ED'mund C. Brown Ministries has launched the project's known as “How Much Is Your Name Worth?” and "How Much is Your Ministry Name Worth?" which ask the participants to sow according to the dollar amount in which their name is worth.

Based on dollar amounts from $1 USD (with “A” being one dollar) to $26 USD (with “Z” being twenty-six dollars, each individual is to spell out their name, middle name being optional, and the total in which their name comes to is to be the donation amount.